A Different experience of Art.

Walking around the Tate Modern on your own is an incredibly strange experience.

As a result of doing a course during the evening when the Gallery is closed I found I was able to wonder around the space and gain a complete different perspective on the art work. Being on your own with such huge sculptures such as Richard Serra, Trip Hammer and Giuseppe Penone, Trees of Twelve Meters gives such a different experience in comparison to when the gallery is open, full of hoards of people shouting and pushing….

Richard Serra's Trip Hammer, 1988.                           Tree of 12 Metres 1980-2 by Giuseppe Penone born 1947

Trip Hammer                                                                            Trees of Twelve Meters

Richar Serra                                                                               Giuseppe Penone

The silence is surreal and you really feel like you should not be there. Like you are spying or intruding upon someones personal space. The art work seems to be breathing…. dominating its own space with a presence that is almost tangible. It sleeps, calm and quiet without the gaze of a thousand scrutinising eyes expecting it to perform and demanding answers.

It gives you a very personal experience with the work, like having your own private conversation. When you can shut the world out and find a comfortable silence you will find more answers to the quest you are following.

In this time we live in everything is moving so fast, people rushing, running forward with no time to wait we forget to stop and breathe , to look around, to appreciate the small things we take for granted. Life is not a race, you do not get a prize for finishing first.



Pino Pascali     Trap


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