Plastic Soup…..

Plastic…..we are the plastic fantastic generation.

Look around your home, your office, your car. So much plastic, such a versatile product, cheap and disposable…..

The problem is it is not disposable, it does not decompose, it is not a natural product, yes it can break down and get smaller and smaller but it will always remain plastic.

Decompose times

It is a poison, it is polluting our oceans, our planet and us. If we carry on the way we are going we will get to the point of no return, and that could be sooner than you think. If we persist with this plastic pollution towards our planet the beautiful oceans and seas will be so polluted it will not support any life form and in turn will not support us.

Plastic soup is all that will be left.

The plastic in our oceans, the largest collection called The Great Pacific Garbage Patch is in the North Pacific Ocean stretching for hundreds of miles. This contains tiny pieces of plastic broken down to the size of plankton, which is them mistaken for food and enters into our food chain.

The larger plastic is also mistaken for food, marine turtles eat plastic bags thinking they are jelly fish, birds eat plastic bottle caps thinking they are fish, they suffer and die because of our neglect and thoughtlessness.


Sea Turtle


Chris Jordan, Albatross, Midway Island

This short film was made by Chris Jordan an artist that makes large scale photographs tackling issues surrounding mass consumption and waste. This is a film he made at Midway Island, it is a tragic testimony to our plastic society.

Film- Midway a Message from the Gyre

We are all responsible. if you are a consumer you are part of the problem.

Thing you can do to help:

Think before you buy.

Recycle, up-cycle, donate, make, create; buy nothing.

Help with beach and river clean ups.

Buy products with less packaging or recyclable packaging.

Don’t throw away plastic bottles, re-use them.

Use paper or material bags, not plastic.

These are a few ideas amongst many. It is a beautiful world we have but it won’t be if we do not start to take responsibility and action.

If you would like further reading here are a few links to more in-depth information:

As a final note I ask you to please find the time to watch this presentation by Chris Jordan about his work, it is 17 minutes long but really is a must. It is one of the saddest things to listen to but is the reality of our time.

Thank you for reading.


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