The approach to the subject of memory has been a tenacious battle with myself over quite a period of time. My initial reasons for delving into the subject were personal ones but over the months of working with the subject they seem to have slipped by the wayside, just through a natural development of the my work not a conscious decision. I personally find this quite fascinating to reflect upon. Things that you thought were really important, and the foundations upon which to work from are suddenly superfluous and irrelevant. It is the actual subject of ‘memory’ that is important, not anything to do with personal memories directly. Looking at how memories are formed, how people cherish these special moments of time and how they are recalled. The objects that are regarded as memory keepers, keepsakes, photographs, items of clothing, treasured items that have no material value only the sentimental. It is all this ‘stuff’ that makes us who we are. These things, possessions that we cherish and all that we leave behind; they are the fabric of our own world.