This project is following on from Passage a project I did for my MA. I always felt it had only just begun and kept going back to it because I knew there was much more to explore.

Passage was a project that was completely centered around the books. The stories that I collected from the contents; the stains, messages, photos, letters, inscriptions even the fingerprints, the list goes on. The title gave way to many meanings, a passage of time, a passage in a life, a passage in a book. The life span of these books from their birth is over 150 years, longer than any living life. The movement and exchanges that they have encounter has given them a life of their own. They have their own story to tell, just like walls ( See Echoes ).

Trace-marks is continuing with the story but has expanded in its content. Still using books, paper and found object but also incorporating images of marks left behind. Traces of existence that are overlooked. I build these landscapes that appear void of human existence although without them they would not exist. Nothing is as it seems ….. life is like that, or it could all just be a Mirage. A hope or a wish of something that cannot be achieved. This quiet, dream like, beautiful world.