Artists Statement

Memory is a current theme that is the pivotal point within my work. I quite often start from a personal memory that will develop throughout the project and take on another identity. The subject of memory is complex and ever changing, layer after layer memories are made, lost and altered, stories are created and invention becomes a reality.

I collect and use old disregarded possessions and photographs within my work, looking at the traces of life left upon the surface of things. These traces lead back to a life once lived. The displacement of objects echo down the passage of life and time. The ebb and flow of life that is forever changing, beginning and ending, traveling forwards, looking back and trapped in the present.

When there are no boundaries left to be broken, no stone unturned, no new ground to find…. Where do you go?
The only place you can look is inside yourself, as that is the only place you will find something that is unique and true to yourself.

Under, Over, In-between and through…. repeat indefinitely.


Foundation in Art and Design. Colchester school of Art 2000
BAHons Photography. University of Brighton 2003
MA Fine Art. Winchester School of Art 2013